Can I use GoodRx Gold if I have insurance or Medicare?

You may find lower prices on your prescriptions with GoodRx Gold, even if you have Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage, or other prescription insurance.

You can use GoodRx Gold instead of your insurance, if the cost is lower. However, you can't use GoodRx Gold with your insurance, or to lower your co-pay.

If you have insurance or Medicare and would like to use GoodRx Gold for a prescription, you will need to ask your pharmacist to process your prescription using your Gold card instead of your insurance.

You may want to contact your insurance company to find out if you can submit receipts for prescriptions purchased using GoodRx Gold. Many insurance plans will allow you to submit receipts for potential reimbursement and/or credit towards your deductible and other policy limits. You may not, however, submit the cost of your Gold membership for reimbursement.

If you want to compare GoodRx Gold prices with your insurance and you don't already know your co-pay, you can often use your insurance's web portal to look up what you will pay for a prescription.

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